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Tell politicians to ban fossil fuel ads and sponsorships.

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Fossil fuels are the new tobacco

Why ban fossil fuel ads and sponsorships?

They increase demand for products that are harming our health and climate

They falsely portray coal, oil and gas as clean and green

They tarnish our treasured sports and cultural groups

They cover up the damage being done by polluting industries

They have helped delay climate action for too long

News & campaign updates


Smoke Kills

Launching Fossil Free ACT

Canberra businesses and organisations are being asked to pledge that they will not promote fossil…
July 3, 2024
Antonio Guterres

The U.N backs a ban!

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on all governments to ban fossil fuel advertising.…
June 20, 2024
Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Ad Ban

Blow those bagpipes because the Scottish capital has announced sweeping restrictions on advertising a whole range…
June 1, 2024

Joint Letter to ACT Chief Minister

Dear Chief Minister Barr   We represent a wide range of organisations and companies that…
May 10, 2024

Pomonal Fire – Everything is not fine

The Fossil Ad Ban 'Everything is fine*' summer campaign has concluded with a video created…
March 26, 2024

Push for Bans in Ireland & Canada

The momentum for Fossil Ad Bans is growing, with Bills for national bans being introduced…
March 8, 2024

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