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As Queensland battles record bushfires, floods and storms, Brisbane City Council is being asked to follow 16 other Australian councils and stop advertising fossil fuel companies.

Fossil fuels account for over 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions and nearly 90% of all carbon dioxide pollution that is causing global warming.

A giant billboard in Stanley Street, near the Gabba, highlights the hypocrisy and greenwashing of coal, oil and gas advertisements.  Dozens of Brisbane locals have already personally emailed Brisbane Mayor, Adrian Schrinner,  asking for an end to fossil fuel promotions on council-owned property. 

Jo Dodds, President, Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action said, “We don’t need science to tell us things are getting rapidly more dangerous. You can just look out your kitchen window and see things getting worse. Climate disasters are hitting more and more Australians, more frequently. Communities are still reeling from  bushfires when there’s suddenly a record breaking flood or a cyclone. With fossil fuel ads all over Brisbane it’s like the big companies and the council are both making money while we pay for the disasters they’re causing. Is that fair?”

Created by Comms Declare, the billboard is part of the Fossil Ad Ban campaign for tobacco-style bans on ads and sponsorships for fossil fuels 

Comms Declare Founder, Belinda Noble said, “Worsening weather is plaguing Brisbane, yet the council allows its 800 bus shelters, 1200 buses, more than 100 digital screens and some CityCats to promote the main culprit – coal, petroleum and gas companies.

“It is hypocritical for the council to claim to be carbon neutral, yet still be promoting fossil fuel companies on its property.

“How can we hold a ‘climate positive’ Olympics with ads for coal and gas all around the city?” she added.

Disaster reconstruction costs in Brisbane have been more than $226 million since 2011, costs that will rise as warming increases.

This summer’s fire emergency follows the 2022 floods that are estimated to have cost Queensland $7.7 billion.

In August 2022, City of Sydney voted to ban all coal, petroleum and gas ads on its outdoor advertising network – one of the largest in the world. The ACT has also banned fossil fuel ads from appearing on its trams. This follows similar moves from Amsterdam and 15 other English and European cities.