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Everything is fine*

*According to big coal and gas.

Climate change isn’t happening by itself.

It’s being caused, right now, by coal, petrol and gas companies… companies that know the risks but won’t stop because, profits.

Burning fossil fuels is the main reason Australia’s bushfires and heat waves are more severe and why 2023 was the hottest on record.

How do we know?

Fossil fuels account for over 75% of global greenhouse gases and nearly 90% of all carbon dioxide pollution that are causing global warming.

The top greenhouse gas polluters in Australia are, you guessed it, in the coal and gas business. These figures below are just from the company’s operations and don’t even include the emissions caused when burning their products.

The developing area of Attribution Science can now clearly demonstrate how much climate change is making weather disasters more likely.

The 2019/20 Black Summer weather is more likely now than 100 years ago.

We’re running billboards in these areas to show residents that fossil fuel companies are responsible for extreme weather.


Brisbane, Dec 2023

Even before summer began, Queensland had worse fire conditions than the 2019/20 season with five times more night fire hotspots than an average October.

In just one week there were 420 bushfires burning in a season that had stretched to 11 months.

In December, Cyclone Jasper struck the far north and deadly storms ruined Christmas for thousands of people on the Gold Coast.

This follows from the 2022 floods that are estimated to have cost Queensland $7.7 billion.

Disaster reconstruction costs in Brisbane alone have been more than $226 million since 2011.

Email the Brisbane Mayor and demand a Fossil Ad Ban

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New South Wales

Christmas events, music festivals and schools were affected across NSW in December, as temperatures reached above 40 degrees.

As heat and humidity records were broken, more than 60 fires were burning in the state’s north.

Sydney Billboard
Sydney Jan 2024

Western Sydney is especially at risk from heatwaves because of geography, bad planning and the lack of sea breeze. In 2020, Penrith was the hottest place on earth.

Extreme heat is our most deadly weather event, responsible for around 1100 deaths in Australia every year, and climbing.

Tell the Federal Government we need a Fossil Ad Ban

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Melbourne Feb 2024

Melbourne is being smashed by floods – and it’s getting worse.

In January, one storm left more than 40,000 homes and businesses without power. Hundreds of roads were blocked and lightning cancelled flights.

The 2022 Maribyrnong River flood was so extreme that suburban homes were evacuated and forecasters failed. 

And on Tuesday 13th Feb 2024, in the town of Pomonal, western Victoria, a bushfire tore through the town destroying 46 properties. Over a third of the town.

And a State Government report found a quarter of the Port Phillip Bay area could be underwater in coming decades, thanks to a combination of rising seas and worsening storms. Victorian tax payers have already shelled out $140 billion in coastal mitigation.

Still, Melbourne City Council will not follow Sydney and stop fossil fuel advertising.

Tell the Melbourne Mayor to ban fossil fuel ads

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Stopping fossil fuels begins with stopping fossil fuel ads

What fossil fuel companies fear most is that the public, and politicians, will turn against them. That’s why they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising and sponsorships – delaying the transition to clean energy and stopping environmental safeguards.

Tell politicians to ban fossil fuel advertising and sponsorships

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