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UPDATE December, 2023

Northern Beaches Council has overturned a decision asking for a report into banning advertising for harmful products on bus shelters. The Councillors who supported fossil fuels are; Cr Gencher, Cr Page, Cr Ryburn, Cr De Luca, Cr Sprott, Cr Crvelin, Cr Robins, Cr Menano-Pires and Cr Walton

Our community land should not be used to advertise dangerous, unhealthy products. Send this email to councillors to rid the coast of polluting advertising! 

A big thanks to the councillors who backed the review, Mayor Sue Heins, Cr Glanville Cr Regan Cr Bingham and Cr Korzy.


Previous Article

Sydney’s Northern Beaches Council has voted to explore preventing alcohol, gambling and fossil fuel ads on its bus shelters.

The council is currently negotiating a new bus shelter deal. These only come up every decade or so, which means the council could be the first to place a Fossil Ad Ban in an advertising contract.

But some councillors are still fighting the move. This is despite its coast being significantly at risk of dangerous erosion, made worse by climate change. Collaroy Beach is the beach most vulnerable to erosion in Australia.

The momentum is unstoppable. Fossil Ad Bans are inevitable!