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Two councils now have policies that stop fossil fuel sponsorships but Monash favours fossils.


We’re thrilled that Victoria’s Glen Eira City Council has implemented a ban on fossil fuel sponsorships.

Its Philanthropic Partnership Policy now states they will not accept partners or donors involved in the:

  • fossil fuel industry, or
  • practices or products which cause unacceptable damage to the natural environment.

With evidence of the health impacts of fossil fuel pollution growing, it’s wonderful to see Glen Eira putting the community first!

Monash favours fossils

Monash council has voted down a motion to prevent fossil fuel promotions, despite claiming its going to be carbon neutral by 2025.

Councillor Josh Fergeus put up the motion, and told council,

“Allowing advertising of fossil fuel products on council land runs counter to, not only to our stated objectives, but to our moral and ethical obligations.”

“Fossil fuel companies have known for decades and decades that they’re destroying our climate and they’ve donated, obfuscated and litigated themselves out of doing anything other than doubling down and making things worse and worse.”

However, Councillor Stuart James thought differently saying,

“This is absolutely the dictionary definition of virtue signalling. It’s grandstanding to facilitate people feeling good about attacking fossil fuel companies when they’re not even doing the wrong this to begin with.”

Monash Council’s Sponsorship Policy states..
“The Council will not enter into a sponsorship agreement with an organisation (or individual) which: Page 6 Partnership & Sponsorship Policy 1. Operates electronic gambling machines on their premises or has electronic gambling machines as part of their business activities; 2. Does not share Council’s views on promoting a diverse, tolerant and inclusive community; 3. Is a political party; 4. Offers programs/activities that may present a hazard to the community or do not reflect widely held community views; 5. Is currently involved in a tendering or procurement process with the Council; 6. Is currently involved in an approval process or dispute resolution process with the Council.”
Monash has taken a strong stand on gambling but refuses to face the shocking health and climate toll of fossil fuels.
Email Monash Mayor, Tina Samardzinja, and ask her to add ‘fossil fuel companies’ to the list of prohibited sponsors.