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Dear Chief Minister Barr


We represent a wide range of organisations and companies that support restrictions on fossil fuel advertising in the ACT.

The Territory was among the first jurisdictions in the world to prevent coal, oil and gas being advertised on light rail stops.

However, while fossil fuel advertising remains unpopular among Canberrans, the restrictions are yet to be expanded to other ACT government assets.

Allowing fossil fuel companies to use advertising and sponsorships to greenwash and maintain their social licence undermines the Territory’s good work to reduce emissions.

In this critical decade for climate action, we ask that the ACT Government urgently stop fossil fuel companies:

  • advertising in ACT schools via sponsorships
  • sponsoring any major ACT government events
  • advertising on government-owned property

While we note your concerns about the Fossil Fuel Advertising Amendment Bill 2024, we ask you to consider the other methods of restricting fossil fuel promotions, including an amended Bill or policy changes. These could remove the legal and financial risks that have been raised.

Fossil fuel advertising and sponsorships are being restricted in 16 Australian LGAs, including the City of Sydney. They are also being enacted in France, Stockholm, Amsterdam and more than a dozen other European jurisdictions.


Yours Sincerely


ACF Community Canberra

The Australia Institute  

AYCC Canberra

Canberra Parents for Climate

Climate Action Monaro

Climate Action Network Australia

Comms Declare

Conservation Council ACT

Doctors for the Environment Australia

Flight Free Australia 

Healthy Connection For All

Parents for Climate

Peoples Climate Assembly

Project Planet

Tim Hollo

Vote Earth Now

Yarra Climate Action Now Australia