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Canberra businesses and organisations are being asked to pledge that they will not promote fossil fuels through advertising or sponsorships.

The call comes after Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, failed to support the Fossil Fuel Advertising Amendment Bill 2024, which would have restricted fossil fuel advertising on ACT sports grounds.

Local groups are now mobilising to support fossil fuel advertising bans, ahead of the ACT election.

Are you an ACT organisation? Sign the pledge

Local organiser, Amy Blain said, “We’ve lived through the devastating effects of extreme weather in the ACT. How can we say we’re tackling climate change while promoting its main cause? I’m calling on all ACT businesses to commit to not promoting the companies causing climate breakdown. ”

Belinda Noble, founder of climate communications group, Comms Declare said banning fossil fuels starts with banning fossil fuel ads and sponsorships.

“The UN Secretary-General has just called for all governments to ban fossil fuel advertising. If the ACT wants to remain a climate leader, it must prevent coal, oil and gas companies from using the Territory’s schools, sports and infrastructure as billboards for climate pollution.”

Fossil fuel promotions have been banned in France, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Edinburgh as well as many cities in the UK and Europe.

Sydney and 15 other Australian councils have a Fossil Ad Ban.