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Victoria’s Moreland Council has cemented its status as a leader in sustainability by voting to explore a Fossil Ad Ban.


Moreland Mayor Mark Riley said: “We’re working hard to reduce reliance on fossil fuels across Moreland. We’re supporting residents to make the switch to clean energy homes, with more than 9300 Moreland households having already installed solar.

“All of council’s electricity needs are sourced from renewable energy and we are working to switch our gas operations too. We’re also looking into whether we should ban fossil fuel companies from advertising on council land.”

At its July meeting Council voted for a Notice of Motion titled ‘Banning of fossil fuel advertising on council-owned property’.

The motion stated: ‘… advertising can increase the demand for climate-damaging, high carbon products, therefore delaying climate action. Advertising by companies involved in the production of  or supply of fossil fuels can also help these companies build and maintain a public-friendly brand, with many involved in greenwashing, which sees companies try to sell themselves as climate and environment-friendly by over-emphasizing any positive action they are taking and distracting public attention for their culpability for the climate emergency.’

Councillors voted that Council:

  • Calls for a report on how Council can prohibit advertising on Council-owned property for companies involved in the production or supply of fossil fuels, and the impacts and implications of the proposal; and
  • Receives the report at a future Council meeting.’

Comms Declare founder, Belinda Noble congratulated Moreland saying: “Moreland is a true leader in sustainability and has recognised that we must tackle the climate emergency from every angle. For a clean, renewable future, we must stop misinformation and greenwashing from polluting industries.”

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