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Mumbrella: The quiet health crisis

5 August 2022

Despite the known devastation caused to our health and environment by fossil fuels, the fossil …

SMH: ‘Worse than tobacco’, push for ban on fossil fuel ads

24 July 2022

Fossil fuel industries have unique access to mainstream media via advertisements, shaping narratives of media …

Medical leaders urge fossil fuel promotion ban, like tobacco

17 July 2022

Fossil fuels are the main driver of global warming and take 8.7 million lives worldwide …

Moreland votes to explore a Fossil Ad Ban

13 July 2022

Victoria’s Moreland Council has cemented its status as a leader in sustainability by voting to …

Open letter from health professionals

11 July 2022

More than 200 health professionals and organisations have signed an open letter to Australian lawmakers, …

Australian first: Yarra Council moves to ban fossil fuel ads

20 April 2022

Fossil Ad Ban campaign aims to stop sponsorships and promotions of coal, oil and gas. …

ABC RN Drive: Is fossil fuel marketing the new cigarette advertising?

20 April 2022

Guardian: Tour Down Under facing pressure to dump Santos as sponsor

25 January 2022

SMH: Fossil fuels are the new cigarettes and sport must take a stand

20 October 2020