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More than 200 health professionals and organisations have signed an open letter to Australian lawmakers, demanding an end to promotions for coal, oil and gas.


To: the Prime Minister, Premiers, Ministers, MPs and Mayors

Summary: Our laws are designed to protect the health and wellbeing of Australians. On the grounds of protecting health, we as health professionals strongly urge all levels of government to ban fossil fuel advertising and sponsorships.

The promotion of tobacco, gambling and alcohol is restricted across all three levels of government in recognition of their health impacts on our community.

Yet coal, oil and gas corporations are allowed unrestricted access to our airways, billboards and digital platforms to sell themselves and the products that are damaging our health, environment and climate.

Fossil fuels are hazardous to human health. From the time they are dug out of the ground to when they are burned, they release toxic pollutants into our air, soil and waterways. Living near fracking wells has been linked to premature births and early deaths. Air pollution from fossil fuels alone takes 8.7 million lives prematurely each year – the same as tobacco.

Burning fossil fuels is also the primary cause of global warming which is driving more intense and frequent heat waves, storms, bushfires and droughts.  The impact this will have on human health and our health systems cannot be underestimated. It is expected that climate change could cause around 83 million human deaths by 2100 if urgent action isn’t taken. Countless more will suffer long-term physical, economic and mental impacts of displacement, loss of life and loss of livelihoods.

Advertising fossil fuels serves no purpose other than to increase demand for the products that are driving climate change and harming our community.

There is no good argument for continuing to allow fossil fuel companies to promote themselves.

Fossil fuel advertisements mislead consumers about the environmental attributes of their dangerous and toxic products, and delays the shift in social attitudes urgently required to transition to safer, cleaner energy. This dangerous promotion is at the cost of public health and has not been curtailed by advertising industry self-regulation.

Restrictions on fossil fuel advertising are in place in France, Amsterdam, and several UK council areas in recognition of the numerous harms that fossil fuels cause. Other laws are being debated in the EU, Germany, Sweden and Canada.

We, as healthcare workers, are on the frontline of the impacts of climate change on human health. We ask you to protect the health of Australians by banning the advertising of coal, oil and gas products, as well as the promotion of fossil fuel companies through advertising and sponsorships.




Australasian Epidemiological Association

Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine

Australian Health Promotion Association


Environmental Health Australia

Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA)

North American Climate, Conservation and Environment

Heidelberg Institute of Global Health

Banksia Medical Centre

Qld Paediatric Telehealth Service

Rural Doctors Association of Victoria

Climate and Health Alliance

Climate Justice Union

Healthy Futures

Psychology for a Safe Climate

Medical Scientists Association of Victoria

Australian Federation of Medical Women

Australian Healthcare and Hospital Association

Doctors for the Environment Australia

Lowitja Institute

Veterinarians for Climate Action

Enriching Lives Psychology



Prof Elizabeth Eakin, Head of School, School of Public Health, University of Queensland

Prof Simon Chapman, Emeritus Professor Public Health, School of Public Health, University of Sydney

Prof Rob Moodie, School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne

Prof Jane Fisher, Finkel Professor of Global Health, Monash University

Prof Melissa Haswell, School of Public Health, University of Sydney

Prof Kathryn Bowen, School of Population & Global Health, University of Melbourne and IPCC lead author

Prof Iain Walker, Professor Psychology, University of Melbourne

Prof John Wiseman, Senior Research Fellow, Melbourne Climate Futures, University of Melbourne

Prof Lynne Madden, Professor Population and Planetary Health, University of Notre Dame

A/Prof Rob Eisenberg, School of Medicine and Public Health College of Health, Medicine and Wellbeing, University of Newcastle

A/Prof Linda Anne Selvey, School of Public Health, University of Queensland

A/Prof Celia McMichael, Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne

A/Prof Liz Hanna, Chair, Environmental Health Working Group of the World Federation of Public Health Association

A/Prof Katy Bell, Clinical Epidemiologist, University of Sydney

Hon Prof Peter Brooks, School of Medicine, University of Melbourne


Roslyn Morgan Registered Nurse and Environmental Health Officer
Dr Michael Williams Paediatrician
Jette Bollerup Registered Nurse
Takuzo Kimura Physiotherapist
Rachel Chiodo Psychologist
Chitra Maharani Saraswati Medical Statistician
Dr Keren Witcombe GP and Medical Educator
Benjamin Mouat Office Manager
Joshua Jones Pharmacist
Rachel Chiodo Psychologist
Diana Barnett Founder
Carolyn Orr Neurologist
Emma-Leigh Synnott Consultant Physician
Carly Dober Psychologist
Dr Ruby Campbell Managing Director
Dr Cybele Dey Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Megan Turner Faculty of Health, Deakin University
Lin Oke Retired OT
Diana Barnett Founder
Carly Dober Director & Principal Psychologist
Dr Gemma Crawford President
Dr Sebastian Cordoba Academic
Sandra Murray Dietitian, Lecturer
Dr Kim Loo General Practitioner
Dr Katrina Lyne General Practitioner
Dr John William Sheridan Public health physician
Dr Brett Montgomery General Practitioner
Rosalie Schultz Senior Medical officer
Tim Read MLA
Martina Mende FRACGP
David Duindam Physiotherapist
Liz Rickman Medical Doctor, Convener of the international Issues and Human Rights Subcommittee ALMA
Dr Tracy Schrader General Practitioner
Frances Sutherland Psychologist
Sunny Goddard Homeopath
Sally-Anne Brown Psychologist
Dr John Scopel General Practitioner
Dr Michael Clifford Paediatric Intensive Care Specialist
Sue Cooke Researcher, Educator, School of Medicine, Griffith University
Tom Clemens Paediatrician
Gabriela Martinez Senior Health Promotion Officer
Marianne Cannon Senior Staff Specialist
Timothy Oseckas Nurse
Diana Sampson General Practitioner
Jerry Rivers Environmental scientist
Nancy Vozoff Registered Nurse
Alexandra Natoli Paramedic
Katriona Wylie General Practitioner
Emily Vecchio Health Promotions
Benn Miller Programme Manager, Towards Zero Suicides
Dr Ruby Campbell Managing Director
Nicola McKay Mental Health
Alannah Romeo Health Promotions
Dr Mike Forrester Paediatrician
Fiona Bennett Registered Nurse
Carly Hollier Physiotherapist
Dr John Upham Respiratory Physician
Dr Charles Watson Neuroscientist and Public Health Physician
Dr Peter Nightingale GP Registrar
Dr Jenny Ching-Min Huang Dr
Amanda Goulding GP registrar
Bernard Shiu General Practitioner
Dr Annabelle Warren Endocrinologist
Peter W Tait General Practitioner
Marie-Pierre Cleret Psychotherapist
Beni Ballista Public Health
Cheri Huggins Senior Clinician
Timothy Oseckas Registered Nurse
Dr Helen Redmond Rehabilitation Medicine Physician
Monique Hull Registered Nurse/Paramedic
Deanna Hayes Clinical nurse educator
Carly Dober Psychologist
Bronwyn Gresham Psychologist
Dr Michael Clifford Paediatric Intensive Care Specialist, MBBS (Hons), FANAZCA, FCICM
Teresa Mary Mahy Soft Tissue Injury Specialist
Dr Emma Gilberg MBBS FRACGP
Patricia Nayna Schwerdtle Global Health Academic, Fmr Registered Nurse
Dr Valerie Anne Kay Climate Change and Public Health, Monash University
Dr Marianne Cannon Emergency Physician
Dr Rosalie Schultz FRACGP, FARGP, FAFPHM, PhD
Suhailah Ali PhD student in Public Health/Epidemiology
Peter Sainsbury MBBS. PhD
Gabriela Stilita Clinical Psychology
David Duindam Senior Physiotherapist
Lynette Saville Registered Nurse, Sessional Academic
Dr Bernard Shiu BSc, MS, MD, FRACGP
Jenny Ching-Min Huang General Practitioner
Dr Sonia Chanchlani Doctor
Fiona Charlson Public health researcher
Katie Fisher BMed/FRACGP
Alwie Tjipto Nephrologist
Dr Peter Nightingale GP registrar
Matthew Wickert Radiographer
Georgia Langmaid Health Promotion
Nicola McKay Community Mental Health
Michael Williams Mb Bs FRACP M MedSci
Dr Kate Wylie General Practitioner
Julian Cassar MBBS, FRACGP
Jonathan Prince Registered Nurse
Pamela McCalman Midwife
Dr Richard Yin General Practitioner
Dr Verity Robin General Practitioner
Victor Ly Medical Student
Dr Katherine Jarosz Paediatrician
Nishani Nithianandan Paediatric Registrar
Nicole Chiuchiarelli Radiographer
Shay Jayawardena Neurological Rehabilitation
Natalie Ngu Doctor
Emily Stuart Critical Care Registered Nurse
Greta Gillies Research Assistant
Karen Kiang Paediatrician
Jocelyn Olsson Chiropractor
Jacquelin Janosi HealthPathways
Denise Ruth General Practitioner
Binula Wickramarachchi MBChB
Dr Shaun Watson Neurologist FRACP PhD
Cybele Dey Psychiatrist
Carolyn Orr Consultant Neurologist
Dr Peter Sainsbury MBBS, PhD
Carol Ann Ride Executive Director, Psychologist
Dr. Özge Tanrikut General Practitioner
Dr Magdalena Simonis President Australian Federation of Medical Women
Nikki Shelton Medical Physicist
Emma-Leigh Synnott Consultant Physician, and Medical Lead for Climate Health and Environmental Sustainability
Lisa Avery Registered nurse
Grace Isobel Davies MBBS (Hons), BMedSci (Hons)
Dr Merryn Redenbach Paediatrician
Mary Britton FRACP
Dr Aletha Ward Academic R.N. PhD.
Richard Seglenieks Anaesthetist
Andrew Dawson PhD
Dr Katitza Marinkovic Chavez Research Fellow
Melanie Lowe Research fellow
Karen Block Public Health Senior Research Fellow
Phoebe Quinn Research Fellow
Jennifer Martin Physician
Marianne Cannon MBBS MPH FACEM
Hannah Morrice Research Fellow, Public Health
Takuzo Kimura Physiotherapist
Dr Nicole Sleeman MBBS FRACGP
Charles Watson MBBS FAFPHM
Julia Read Registered Nurse
Lin Oke Retired OT
Dr Ingrid Johnston CEO
Jess Whittaker Paramedic
Nicole Colquhoun Paramedic
Eve Olsson Executive Officer
Tonya Flower Paramedic
Lavanya Naidoo Clinical Informatics Nurse Manager
Victor Chea Exercise Physiologist
Shane Marles-Malone Registered Nurse
Jacob Cincotta Paramedic
Rose Harris Physiotherapy student
Susanne Lysiak Physiotherapist
Bianca Crowder Medical student
Peter Lamshed Mental health clinician


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