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Sydney’s Inner West and Melbourne’s Maribyrnong councils have unanimously passed Fossil Ad Ban motions.


Sydney’s Inner West and Melbourne’s Maribyrnong councils have unanimously passed motions to restrict fossil fuel advertising and sponsorships on council property – bringing the number of supportive councils to five.

Inner West councillors asked staff to investigate implementing the restrictions on council property and moved to write to state and federal ministers to ask for bans in those jurisdictions as well.

Like Sydney Council, Inner West has determined to work across the local government sector about the issue of fossil fuel promotions.

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Maribyrnong Council passed its motion unanimously, with one councillor calling it a “no brainer”.

The Motion states that Council:

  1. Not support the advertising of companies involved in the production or supply of fossil fuels on council property, consistent with the overarching goal of its Climate Emergency Strategy and Action Plan.
  2. Integrate this position into its sporting reserve signage policy that is currently under development and review and (where needed) update Council policies or strategies that would allow for the promotion of fossil fuels.
  3. Receive a report from Council officers by 6 December 2022 on progress made.

Watch the meeting

At Woollahra Council on the 12th of September, a vote to ban fossil fuel, tobacco, gambling and alcohol ads on council-managed bus stops was narrowly defeated and not supported by Mayor Susan Wynne, who said she wanted to be “informed” by energy ads at bus stops. Woollahra staff are currently developing guidelines for managing bus stop advertising so please email Mayor, Susan Wynne, to let her know that fossil fuel ads are not information, they are misinformation.