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The Dead Wallabies are trying to stop fossil fuel sponsorships


While the Wallabies compete in the Rugby World Cup in France, the Dead Wallabies are playing for even higher stakes – to stop fossil fuel companies killing us.

The team of horrifying zombies have held a press conference at Federal Parliament House with a simple message:  fossil fuels equal death.


Sponsorship of sporting teams creates the impression fossil fuel companies are supporting our communities and our sportspeople. In truth, they’re killing them through deadly climate change and pollution.

Comms Declare Founder, Belinda Noble said: “You don’t need to eat brains to know that oil and gas companies like Santos are sponsoring rugby to delay climate action.

”Climate-driven heatwaves and fires have just killed scores of people from Greece to Hawaii and yet the Wallabies are forced to wear Santos logos in a World Cup sponsored by oil and gas giant, TotalEnergies.

“The government must step in and stop fossil fuel companies using our beloved sports teams as billboards for products that are killing us.”

Dr Kate Wylie, Executive Director, Doctors for the Environment said: “Globally air pollution from burning fossil fuels kills almost as many people as smoking, and that number will be dwarfed by those killed or harmed by global warming in the coming decades, largely because of fossil fuels.”

The Dead Wallabies is in support of the Fossil Ad Ban campaign, and is a collaboration between communications industry collective, Comms Declare and climate activist organisation, Rouser.

Rob Beamish, Founder of Rouser said: “Fossil fuel sponsorship and advertising is insidious. It’s a manipulative tactic that props up fossil fuel companies’ social licence and delays urgent, drastic climate action at such a critical time.”

Tennis Australia reportedly dropped Santos as a sponsor in the middle of a three-year contract following a campaign by climate activists. South Australia’s Santos Tour Down Under has also been the target of extensive protests.

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Dead Wallabies – Film Credits

Creative: Rouser

Film Production: Rouser

Director: Rob Beamish, Rouser

Producer: Cory Mulroney

Cinematographer: Shyam Ediriweera

Special Effects: Make-up Effects Group

Editor: Marty Gilchrist, Puffin Post

Sound: Squeak E. Clean

Colourist: Sam McCarthy, Crayon