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Imagine if all sports teams sponsored by coal and gas had to cover up their logos when they played in Canberra.

This could happen if new legislation passes the Australian Capital Territory Parliament.

The legislation is being introduced by Jo Clay MLA and we believe its a first for Australia and possibly globally.

“This proposal sparks the kinds of conversations we need to have. How much longer are we going to let these companies that fuel climate change use our favourite sports to buy social licence and keep profiting off boiling the planet?” Ms Clay said.

But we think the ban could go further and apply to all ACT buildings and events.


Go to our form,  search for Australian Capital Territory under ‘councils’ and tell the Chief Minister you want a total fossil ad ban!

Write a submission to the Inquiry into Environment Protection (Fossil Fuel Company Advertising) Amendment Bill 2024 by 5 March 2024.

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